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Match None

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Go from O to X without matching a color. Simple concept, difficult game.

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Ask The Editor

Think of app developers, your mind goes to California or Finland. But a rising star in the field can be found in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Eilean Design has already produced two successful games, and has come out with a third. Called MatchNone, on the surface it's a simple puzzle game.

"We wanted a fun casual game" lead programmer Lane Thompson tells us. As a child, Lane played a game in supermarkets where you needed to jump to a different colored tile from the one you were on. As Lane says "It forced you to think ahead. You could easily find yourself needing to break the world long jump record to get to get to a different colored tile. And bizarrely, those skills transfer to other areas of life.

And it's that planning ahead which makes this game like Eilean's previous success, Woven.

"They're completely different games" Lane tells us. But we have since learned that Woven is being used in math classes to teach critical skills. MatchNone is unconventional. There is no one way to solve it. And even after solving a level, you can go back to try again.

"This is a game that will work your mind like no other. Whether sitting down and playing for an hour or playing a quick game in the bathroom, MatchNone is fun, innovative, and challenging.

Rise in Chickens Crossing the Street

It might sound like the punchline to an old joke, but there is nothing funny if you're on the receiving end of

 a chicken. Last week alone a chicken truck overturned (continued on page 3)

MatchNone, Play, Match, Win.

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