Welcome to Eilean Design, a design house based in the high desert of the Southwest United States. We specialize in quirky, innovative gaming goodness.


Our brand new game, Impossible Frog, is ready for download on iOS, Google Play and coming soon for Blackberry World and the Windows app store! You should download it now. And I mean now. Why are you still reading this? You should download our amazing new game!


And while that's downloading, read an interview with our founder on Playingforcheaps.com and listen to their review of our hit game Woven here (starts 27 minutes in, but the rest of the show is worth a listen)


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What's your story?

We were founded in 2012 in order to fill a gap in the Albuquerque programming industry. There weren't any app developers, and what few game developers existed still focused on PC. We decided to start making the kind of games that we wanted to play. Fun, innovative, and quirky.


What kind of things do you do?

We develop apps. Our current focus is on gaming apps, but we have produced some very fun industry/educational apps for others. We also make videos and designed every part of this stunning website you find yourself on.


What is Eilean?

The name Eilean is Gaelic for island, most famously used in Eilean Donan Castle, one of the greatest castles in Scotland. And not at all coincidentally, our founder's name is Lane, who worked near the castle. And the Donan in Eilean Donan is Saint Donan, whose feast day is the day before our founder's birthday. It all seemed to work well.









Impossible Frog

Getting a frog across a pond has never been harder!

Jump right, jump left, jump any which way. And soon the entire world will be asking why the frog crossed the road.


The answer? Because it was there.

Match None

coming soon

Simply go from the circle to the x, covering every square without using the same color twice in a row. Sound easy? It is. Until you actually play it. You will scream, you will cry, but the question remains, can you match none?


Match None is our first multi-platform release, meaning that no matter the smartphone you use, there is no excuse for not playing!

coming soon


Place your bets, spin the wheel, and prepare to make words. You need to gamble how many words you can make before you spin for your letters. If you can succeed, you win. If you fail, you lose your money and have to try again. Addicting, intuitive, and fun, Word Slots reimagines the word game.

Word Slots


Our Ethos



A wooden house is different then a brick house. Different shapes, different features, and different ways of building them. In the same way, watercolor painting is different to working with oils. When working with different materials, you need to adjust your methods to highlight the strengths and avoid the weaknesses of that format. Why then do app developers think that you can design the same game for web, desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones? These are as different as a wooden house and a brick house.

Eilean Design believes in creating games that highlight the strengths of the medium we choose. We're artists, creating games that take maximum utility from the chosen format. If a game idea works best with arrow keys, we won't suck the fun out by making a cheap smart phone clone. It will be for computers. If swiping makes the most sense, smart phones are the way to go. Our ethos is  designing games the same way an artist chooses their material. Decide what you want to do, and then create around that vision, without compromise and without debasement.




App consulting - You've come up with a great app, but you need help finessing it, marketing it, or even help navigating the choppy waters of submission and support. We can help with it all. We can help with:

Marketing materials - There are over 1 million apps out there. Without tremendous luck, you will need to market. This includes writing press releases, making videos, engaging with potential customers, and getting word out there. We can help guide you through these needs to ensure your app is a success.


App design - While we can help with creating your app, Eilean Design is first and foremost an app publisher. This means we can't simply hear your idea. Complex copyright laws apply to this area, and the first rule of Eilean is stay away from lawyers. If you would like our help, give us your contact information and we will get back to you.


And we can help with any other area of the app creation process.










If you would like to know more, simply hit the down arrow and send us a message.


Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services


Eilean Design offers App consulting services as well as website design and video design. Also, if you have any comments about our apps, we'd love to hear from you!


*Unfortunately, for legal reasons, any app idea submitted through this form is immediately deleted without being read. If you would like to engage us to design your app, give us your contact details and we will get back to you.

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